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Lady Glory Official is an info sharing platform for the Lady Glory Minuman Botani by Zara Naturlich and is founded under FZ Natural Resources, which was established in the year 2014.


Herbs have been a staple ingredient in our diet and beauty regime since thousands of years. One of the reasons that herbs have a place in our lives is because herbs are a natural source of antioxidants that gives us a lot of benefits. Hence, it is unanimous that herbal products bring much benefits to people.

At Zara Naturlich, we aim to reach out to the general public to share the benefits of natural products and its capability to enhance our health and beauty naturally. A lot of love has been put into making our products, for you see, Zara Naturlich is not only a branding, it is the epitome of passion to us. We take great pride in refining our products, and it fills us with joy when our efforts are reflected in our customers’ satisfaction. And hence, we focus only to improve our products with dignity and integrity.


  • To educate the public on the benefits that herbs may bring to them.
  • To build an easy and effective system for purchasing and delivery.

Our journey has yet far to go. And as we work to improve our products and your lives too, we hope you join us in our journey too.

Reap the benefits of natural herbal concoctions from Zara Naturlich.