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When You’re Broke: Cosmetic Edition

So I’ve decided to make a segment here on Ladypreneur just to talk exclusively money. It’s been aptly named When You’re Broke, because lets be real, in this economy, who isn’t broke?

I sure am.

But that’s okay!

Each article will feature different areas where you could save money and how and today, I’m going to talk about cosmetics, AKA the bane of my wallet. Here’s a few tricks and tips to help you save your pretty penny when you shop for skincare and makeup.

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1.Assess your current stash

I think before we get deep into how to save money when we do buy makeup, first and foremost, maybe you should asses your stash first girl. I knooowwww…. Running wild in Sephora is sooo much fun. But, do you really need another highlighter when you already have 10?

*gulps guiltily*


Assess your current collection first, check what you’ve been using consistently, which ones you haven’t touched, which ones are EXPIRED. YESSS LADIES GET RID OF YOUR EXPIRED MAKEUP NOW! 

Once you’ve figured out with absolute certainty what things you use and don’t use, take that into consideration when you’re buying makeup. If you realise you don’t wear red lipstick for example, then when you’re shopping, don’t pick up a red lipstick and keep telling yourself you’ll wear it. You won’t. 

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2.Discount codes

Now if you’ve ever shopped online or watched a beauty influencer on youtube you know what a discount code is. For those who don’t know, a discount code is a code you can input when you shop online to receive a discount on your whole cart, or sometimes, free shipping or an extra free gift or sample product. 

Sometimes you can find these discount codes if you watch a beauty influencer who is affliated with that brand. But obviously, not every beauty guru has a promo code for the brand you want to buy. If you’re planning to buy from the brands website straight away you can find promo codes for various brands here.

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3.Price per gram and mini products

Maybe you’re eyeing something, a blusher perhaps, maybe a bronzer. It’s quite pricey, you’re hesistant because it’s like 1/10th of your wage. Sis I feel you, I’ve definitely been there.

But if a full size product is a bit too much for your budget, try getting the mini or travel size version first! Whilst most mini products are more expensive price per gram, they’re great for people who generally don’t wear makeup every day, or wear a lot of makeup. You’ll still get great use of these, and I’m totally guilty of buying a ridiculously expensive and BIG panned highlighter I know I won’t finish before the expiry date. 

Buy some minis first! Then if you really finish it up and know that you love it, commit to buying a full size when you know you’re going to get good use out of it.

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4.Read reviews and ask for sample size first

You go out with friends, they drag you round shopping. Maybe you end up at a high end makeup counter with a very convincing sales assistant pitching a product to you. You cave. It’s in a nice sleek packaging, you’re convinced you need it. Your satanic friends egg on the weird impulse. You end up buying it out of guilt and you’ll just deal with the aftermath of your account balance later. 

But when you try the product later at home, despite its hefty price tag it’s kind of a dud and even your drugstore makeup works better. 

I think we’ve all had impulse buys that were frankly terrible.

To combat impulse buying and buying crappy products, my best advice would be to read reviews. There are many a beauty influencer, beauty guru, beauty blogger… whilst this abundance might scare you, I suggest finding one that suits your makeup style and also skin type. This way their recommendations are more tailored to your needs.

Also, many places offer free samples if you want to try a product beforehand and are very happy to provide free samples. If you have sensitive skin or certain skin problems I highly recommend you swatch product on your hand and then wait a day to see if there is any reaction. Getting an allergy test is also great so that you can avoid certain ingredients in products.

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