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Ways to Stop Overeating

So if you’ve been like me the past few days celebrating Eid Mubarak to full grandeur and pomp, you probably have been gorging yourself too. Or maybe, you don’t celebrate Eid and it’s just always like that (no shame, me too). But no matter the cause and as body positive as we are, it’s important to remember that we still need to be careful of overeating. 

Obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases and the other plethora of diseases you’ve probably heard before are real concerns and can happen no matter how much we tend to think we’re not prone to it. Also, it’s important to remember that health is not solely based on how you look but how you feel and the capability of your body to function at its optimum capacity. With that in mind, let’s look at several ways to stop overeating.

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   1. Don’t stress

We’ve all been there. Maybe you were stressed for finals. Maybe your kid was being annoying. Maybe your boss gave you too much work to finish in too little time. So you binge eat sweets and crisps and stop by Mcdonald’s at 2am, and go a little overboard on the coffee…

There, there. We all go through it at some point. 

Stress eating is also called emotional eating because we let our feelings dictate when to eat even if we’re not hungry. When we’re angry, sad, and frustrated, turning towards food can be a coping mechanism to deal with these uncomfortable emotions as we associate food with comfort. And let’s be real, a tub of ice cream is waaaayyyyy better than dealing with feelings.

So when you’re upset over something, before you finish that whole box of pizza, maybe think it through, invite a friend for a good vent session and eat ONE or maybe two slices instead as a way to stop overeating.

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   2.  Distractions… distractions…

Have you ever had a bowl of crisps or crackers or kuih raya (hehehe)in your hands when you’re watching the tv and one moment it’s full, the next it’s empty. And you end up shook because you just ate way more than you realised.

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! But obviously a great way to stop overeating is to not eat with distractions. Don’t watch Netflix when you eat! Or youtube videos! Focus on eating and finishing your meal and take in as much as you need and not as you want. This way you’ll only eat in moderation.

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   3. Fill up your protein

Proteins have this magic of reducing ghrellin, the hormone that stimulates hunger. A protein rich diet is also a great way to stop overeating as it promotes boosts metabolism and thus induces the body to burn fat. This way, your body will gradually lose weight.

Proteins also help build muscle mass as they are the vital component for creating new tissue. If you’re trying to gain muscles and are constantly lifting weights to do this, your body may also require higher levels of protein than usual. 

These include foods such as lean ground beef, low fat dairy, fish, shellfish, tofu, nut and eggs. So instead of gaining fat, you’ll be able to gain muscle mass and shave off the unwanted weight whilst keeping your hunger on the down low!

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