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Healthy Skin Habits (Part 1)

Glass skin, glowy skin, dewy skin,snatched, natural. Bet you’ve heard that a thousand times.

We all wanna look like we just came out of a glossy magazine cover. But not everyone can afford (stares at my bank balance) or have time (stares at the clock) to do the whole 10 step skincare routine and put on a mask every night. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So here are just a few practical, kinda cliché healthy skin habits for the everyday woman!

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   1. Drink water

Okay, don’t get mad at me. You’ve heard this a thousand times and I sound like your nagging mother. From my own experience, I use to hate drinking water throughout the day because I have a small bladder, TMI, and it would cause me to go to the toilet soo much throughout the day and public toilets are not the best places in the world. I know, I feel you girlfriend.

But because I didn’t drink a lot, it also caused me to dehydrate very, very fast which led to dry skin, exhaustion and I was also prone to headaches and migraines. These are real things! 

Dehydration headaches happen when fluid lost through everyday activities such as sweating and urinating is not replenished. When the body is dehydrated, it will pull water from certain parts of your body such as your lips, skin and even your brain. This causes your brain to shrink and pull away from your skull, causing a headache. And of course, when your body pulls water from your skin and lips, it leaves these areas chapped and dry.

And when your skin is dry, the glands will secrete more sebum and oils to compensate for the lack of moisture which leads to all the gunky things like oily skin, clogged pores and acne breakouts. Hence, it is not only important to keep hydrated for your skin but also your general health.

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2. Change your pillowcase

As weird as it is, your pillow case can accumulate a lot of dirt and oils and bacteria. Think about it… you ever just had a tiring day and fall first into your bed and fall asleep without a care. You didn’t wash your face… or remove your makeup…

And sometimes you wear products in your hair. Or you just have really oily hair. And we’re not always the type to wash our hair everyday (don’t do that, that’s not healthy). This also may deposit oils and gunk onto your pillowcase and then transfer on your face when you smush against your pillow when you sleep.

So no matter what material your pillow is, to avoid any unwanted breakouts, change your pillow case regularly, a week or if you’re the type that have really oily, even more regularly. 

Also remember to wash your face and cleanse your makeup before you go to bed, even on my own most tiring days, I always drag myself out and remove makeup because OH BOY do you really want to remove that mascara stain from your white pillow sheets the morning after?

I think not.

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   3. Don’t touch your face

I think this one is the hardest healthy skin habit because we do this unconsciously a lot? Like I use to cringe at the people I see who constantly touch their faces.But recently I bought a new brow gel to get that trendy fluffy brow look (still trying) and I kept touching my face! I don’t even know why!

It’s ridiculous.

Your hand comes into contact with a bajillion of germs and when we touch our faces this transfers oils, bacteria, and dirt. All triggering acne on your face. You can avoid it by washing your hands with mild soap thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

But this goes for cellphones too. Your phone screens are rampant with bacteria so before you take that call maybe you should wipe it down with some antibacterial wipes or sanitizing wipes.

Look forward to part 2 of this article and click here to check out our June newsletter!

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