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Hazy Days and Staying Healthy

Chances are you’re probably breathing in some polluted hazy air now if you live in Malaysia. Maybe you’re not dealing with it nowwww, or maybe if you’re like me you areeee. It be like that some times. 

Whilst, the haze is especially bad for young kids, the elderly, pregnant women and everyone else susceptible such as asthmatic people (cough that’s me cough), it’s also has some detrimental effects on the average healthy person too! Gasps!

Hence why we here at Lady Glory on this segment of #Ladypreneur just want to give you all some reminders and tips to get through these hazy days.

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1. Wear the correct mask

The first day the haze hit, I remember scouring 5 different pharmacies for masks and to no avail, alas they were all out of stock! But when I finally did get my hands on some masks, it was from a friend from the other side of town.

And what weirded me out after was seeing people walk around with the WRONG MASK.

The masks that are effective in combating against dust are the N-95 respirators or masks. Other masks such as the surgical and fabric masks may protect you a bit but does not filter out small particles and dust there is in the haze. Hence, get the right mask! You won’t be helping yourself if you don’t protect yourself properly.

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2. Keep yourself hydrated

This is a no-brainer even in your normal daily life however, the haze is especially taxing on the body as a lot of the toxins in the air are absorbed into the body. This causes your body to work extra hard to regulate and maintain its normal functions. It also means you excrete a lot to get rid of toxins, meaning more water loss.

And that nagging migraine? And the sore throat? That’s your body demanding more hydration from you! Drink more than usual during the hazy season to make sure you stay healthy.

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3. Avoid outdoor activities

This one is pretty obvious, but if you can, avoid staying outdoors and hit the pause on outdoor activities. Wanna exercise? Maybe try a yoga class or hit the gym instead of your usual rounds at the park. Cook your own food instead of eating out. Spend some time inside with your kids by playing board games or doing arts and crafts instead of the weekly shopping mall trips.

Also make sure the inside of your house stays clean! The haze causes an even thicker layer of dust to settle on places inside your house. Do a good clean-up of the floors, the furniture and the likes. It’s also worth mentioning that just like your lungs, your air conditioner is probably working overtime too because of the hazy days. Make sure you change the filters and give them a good wash to make sure the air circulation indoors is clean and healthy.

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4. Pay attention to the Air Pollution Index

You can regularly keep up with the air quality via various air pollution index (API), you can find the official Malaysian one right here!

It’s important to pay attention to the health quality as it indicates whether it’s okay to take a stroll or if you should pull your kids from classes. High levels of haze also affect visibility and the ability for you to travel. Something to consider if you have flight plans.

Whether your're just under the weather because of these hazy days or just over the weather all together, don't forget to stay safe and healthy in these trying times and look out for your friends and family by sharing this article!

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